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Develop and communicate your own sustainability DNA in tourism with co:compass

We at co:compass, are convinced: Sustainability in tourism is much more than just "green". The experts at Compass Tourism Partner eG support you in destinations, regions and cities, in hotels and tourism companies in a very practical way to think about sustainability holistically, implement it systematically and involve as many service providers as possible.




The idea of sustainable destination management is often misinterpreted. It is often simply equated with a few criteria from ecological topics instead of considering the overarching strategic idea behind it, including

• long-term economic success,

• social participation,

• fair working conditions and

• the preservation of our natural ecological resources together with the

• the idea of long-term entrepreneurial development.


It is not only in tourism that sustainability debates too often revolve around moral responsibility, address the threat of sacrifice or focus on the costs that could arise without taking systematic sustainability management into account.


Our approach to professional sustainability in tourism


co:ccompass supports you step by step in establishing innovative, socially fair, ecological and sustainable destination management. In our many years of consultancy work, we have learnt: the sustainability challenges are different in every destination, as are the criteria for good sustainability management. We therefore work together with you and your local service providers to work out the potential and opportunities of sustainable destination management in detail in order to establish viable and future-oriented economic models in tourism.


Step by step towards more sustainability in your destination


In line with the Kaizen approach, i.e. permanent change and improvement, strengths and weaknesses are analysed and measures are developed that are suitable for ensuring lasting improvement processes.

The overriding maxim here is to treat the three dimensions of sustainability as equally as possible and to implement measures that are successful in the long term.

In order to take individual circumstances into account, a professional sustainability DNA is developed in the course of the process. This describes the areas in which the destination and its companies have particularly relevant potential and how they can set themselves apart from the competition.


This helps to secure the long-term success of your destination or tourism company and at the same time build resilience against potential crises. At the same time, you will establish a strong local network of like-minded tourism professionals who work together continuously on the topic of sustainability, begin sustainability communication measures and successfully start an internationally recognised certification process as a destination or hotel.


Would you like to find out more and finally make progress in terms of sustainability?


Contact co:compass now without obligation - by email ( or by phone (+49 221 29 28 21 40).


In a free initial consultation, we will advise you in detail and provide you with lots of additional information. Together we will develop a customised sustainability offer for you.


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